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Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

We can give advice on all questions to do with machine knives.

To be able to make actual suggestions we will require some information from you.

  • Name of the material to be cut
  • Basic dimensions of your machine
    - Key radius
    - Slot width
    - Bore dimensions
    - If known, the concrete name/reference of the knife type
    - Problems, which make a change of knife necessary
    - Should the machine knife be coated?

We can develop the requisite machine knives for your machine type.

For this development work we will need some initial data information.

  • The deployment conditions
    - Material to be cut
    - Speed/r.p.m range
    - Maximum degree of warming of material to be cut
  • Your wishes regarding choice of steel
  • The dimensions of your machine
    - Clamping area
    - Knife size
    - Protective covering
    - Counter blade
  • Note of any known problems

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