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Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

Our team specializes in providing tailored strategies to enhance your blade manufacturing processes. Implementing cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques that help streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

Whether you need to improve an existing blade or completely design a new one from scratch, our experts are here to help. We can give advice on all questions to do with machine knives.

How we can help

Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs and challenges, developing tailored strategies that address each aspect of blade manufacturing. By leveraging our industry knowedge and experience, we deliver comprehensive solutions that drive success and enable businesses to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving market.

We have worked with numerus companies & businesses ranging from big name brands, OEMs, and smaller businesses on the folowing topics:

Consulting Services/Custom Solutions
Problem solving
Consulting Services/Custom Solutions
Cost reduction
Consulting Services/Custom Solutions
Optimal efficiency
Consulting Services/Custom Solutions
Machine design

Consulting Procedure

Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

Objectives, budget, and timeline for the project are established. Ideas are discussed and initial concepts are developed.


An application-specific solution is proposed and discussed with client.

Adjustments are made based off feedback and other considerations.


A prototype is manufactured for client testing. Experts will work closely with you to design and review test results, making adjustments as needed.

Testing may involve performance, functionality, safety, and user experience.


Once the prototype has been approved, production can be scaled up to meet demand.

BE will utilize DfM (Design for manufacturability) principles and propose solution at volume, small or large.

Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

Custom Machine Application
Work directly with your engineers during the early design stages.

Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

FEA/Stress Analysis to reduce risk of breakage

Consulting Services/Custom Solutions

Analysis of weak points when
forces are applied to the knife

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