Carcass Cutting Knives

Specifications BE Part #
Carcass Cutter 102710100010.00

Stitching Knives

Specifications BE Part #
Stitching Knife L 133 Round/Centric 10700040020.00
Stiching Knife L 166 Round 10700040090.00
Stitching Knife L 173 Round 107000400010.00
Stitching Knife L 175 Round 107000400100.00
Stitching Knife L 180 Round/Centric 107000400110.00
Stitching Knife L 190 Round/Centric, Abele 107000400030.00
Stitching Knife L 190 Round 107000400050.00
Stitching Knife L 200 Round/Centric 107000400130.00
Stitching Knife L 205 Round 107000400140.00
Stitching Knife L 210 Round 107000400150.00
Stitching Knife L 220 Round/Centric 107000400080.00

Claw Cutter Blades

Specifications BE Part #
4" Claw Cutting Knife 102710100400.00
7" Claw Cutting Blade 102710100700.00
Claw Cutting Knife, Small/40˚ Edge 102710100730.00

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